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Lean Ladies VIP 12-week Nutrition Coaching Program

The Lean Ladies VIP 12-week Nutrition Coaching Program is designed specifically for professional women who are ready to ditch the diet mentality and feel healthy, strong, and confident - and still enjoy a margarita and cupcake now and then!

This is not a diet. Not a meal plan. Just real people eating real food... and enjoying the things we love too!

Because cupcakes and kale and margaritas can totally coexist. :)

Education. Action plan. Accountability. Support. Fun.


14 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Reduce sugar for 14 days so you can overcome sugar cravings and make choosing healthier foods easier!

What is the 14 day challenge all about?

  • Choosing to be mindful about what you eat
  • Avoiding added sugar, processed foods and artificial sweeteners 
  • Reducing natural sugars to avoid spikes in blood sugar and cravings
  • Focusing on fueling your body with wholesome foods like healthy fats, lean protein, and vegetables
  • Learning about sugar and what is in your food so you can make informed choices
  • Curbing your sugar addiction and overcoming cravings!
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